Debber's Sunshine Dill Pickles

5:47 AM

I totally love these pickles. Second year in a row that I'm making them and even little's little likes them. I've been storing them over the winter in plastic containers in the refrigerator and they were still as crunchy. Great gifts too!

fresh dill, heads & stems bug-free
 garlic clove
 cucumber, washed & scrubbed
1 cup white vinegar

1/2 cup salt, scant

In a gallon glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, place a layer of dill in the bottom, then a layer of cukes; add garlic cloves if desired.
Keep layering dill & cukes to the neck of the jar; finish with a layer of dill.
 Add vinegar and salt to the top of the jar; fill with cold tap water.
Cover and screw on tightly (add a doubled over square of wax paper or plastic wrap if you like, too).
 Give the jar a few good shakes to distribute the salt.
Set in a sunny spot outside for four days; mark the calendar with the "due date."  Turn the jar slightly each day (for an even tan); leave out an extra day if rainy or cloudy.
 Chill and eat.

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