Update on Little

2:13 PM

Little is not missing in action or anywhere else. I've been busy,too many people around the computer,or I'm getting computer time at the wrong moment,or I'm tired. There's always something.
Since I've started blogging the family was re-united,but this Saturday DH has to go again. But we've spent a lot of quality time and it was great seeing the four of us together. The best moments were when we were just hanging around,not doing really anything but just being together.
We've discovered that Stephanie (20 months old by now) is daddy's girl. It's just amazing seeing how she goes to him,out of nowhere,and just hugs him or kisses him. Sometimes she remembers me too,but he's always the first one. It's amazing for us after having a baby like Jenifer (three years and two weeks her senior). When she was a baby,there were times when I was thinking that maybe she had no idea I'm her mother. It has changed by now,but it was quite shocking at the time,especially that she was my first baby.
This family was great. We carved a pumpkin.

The girls wouldn't touch the inside,but they taught it looked cool,even though I think Stephanie found it a little scary.
Here are my two little witches.

and Stephanie,who just loves to eat,that's why her little mouth is never clean. By the time I get to wipe it,it's dirty again!

It was also DH's birthday,who just got used to the idea that he's not in his 30's anymore. The last I visited my parents' birthplace,in the country,we brought back home a huge duck. I boiled it in the pressure cooker and got the most amazing soup. I just used the broth without adding any water,I'd rather have a little bit but delicious one.

I roasted the meat in the oven,made some armenian rice,a little birthday cake with rose water and saffron,baclava and some chocolate cookies.

The cake is another story,my mom made the cake,but the first one was undercooked and it didn't work out. Being a great mom,she made me another one,so we were able to cut it up in the evening. It was something fast put together,but it tasted good.

This was our first Halloween spent together as a family and it was a good one.

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