Zaar Shopping Bag Swap

12:38 PM

I still can't call it food.com. I feel like betraying someone.Anyway,I took part in this shopping bag swap and I was partnered up with Lalaloula.These are the great bags she sent me:

The little one is handmade and I carry it with myself when I just need a coin purse,my phone and the keys.

This one is handmade as well and personal,too.

I love these little bags,that I can carry around in my purse and open them up just when needed.

The strawberry one,closed and opened.

This one is handmade as well.Isn't loula great at making bags?

This is the place she lives and studies.

And she covered all the fabrics:

Or sizes:(this one is very tiny)

And this one,my favorite,is very big.

This one is DH's favorite,handmade as well.

If you've wandered what that triangle does,here's the answer:

Doesn't it look like a fun swap? It sure was!

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