Yep,we've got a tree!

2:04 PM

I wasn't keeping it a secret (already posted about it in my Romanian blog),but we already set up the Christmas tree. This year,somehow,everything started so early and I'd rather have my kids feel the holidays spirit now and not after Christmas is over.
In Europe,on the night between December 5th and 6th St Nicholas comes.My Jenifer calls him Santa's little brother. He brings presents for the good kids and a stick for the naughty ones. So we set up the tree that evening.
In our family,we have a tradition:we collect Christmas decorations and share memories about them around the holidays.

I've received these ornaments from Laura,lalaloula as you might know her. It was last year around this time that we 've heard of eachother at the Holiday tag game and she wanted to send me a Christmas package because she thought I was a nice person. Now talk about nice,who the nicest person in this story is? Not a lot of people would do this.These beautiful ornaments were in the package and everybody here adores them.
The photo frame,comes from Toranosuke,my little student from Osaka,from the days when I use to teach there.I left Japan just when the Christmas holiday started and I was overwhelmed by the number of presents I received . I asked this kid's mother why she gave me a present and she said:"Because everytime you'll look at the frame you'll remember my son."And she was so right.

These are the cookies that we've made a couple of years ago with Jenifer.Did you notice her attention to detail? This year we'll try the cute animal cutters and I'll go shopping next week to search for the seasonal ones.

Tree is being decorated now.

Everyone's helping...

But someone got tired!
And here it is our little golden and red themed tree.I'm against having a real tree,I really see no sense in cutting a tree for a few days.

We still look for decorations but haven't seen anything special yet!

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