A Transylvanian Christmas Market

1:54 PM

Ok,it was quite small,but our town is quite small too-about 40,000 population. I live on the 8th floor so up here it was quite warm looking the weather.That was just until we arrived downstairs.Two little daughters with myself,little's little in the stroller and we went to the Christmas market.It was cold.Freezing cold,but luckily it's a five minute walk from my home.Initially,we planned to stop somewhere else too,but it was just too cold.
The best thing about the market was that there were no Chinese products,everything was made locally.

It was the last day of the market.

Handmade cushions with pretty details.
These things were made by the children and the money went for charity.We got the ornament with the dried orange.Isn't that a neat idea???
And more ornaments made by kids.
We bought some of these to hang on the tree and they're made of sugar.Can't believe we still have them! Probably little's littles forgot about them.They're still in my backpack.
This sure looks warm! The rags are traditional to this area.
And a better glimpse.
Homemade jams and I just got a few ideas on how to design my jars for the gift basket.

My favorite stand,I could work for free there!
Jenifer was busy with her new friend the "camel" as she called it.
There was also a little show about the birth of baby Jesus,but for some reason they had two babies.Maybe they've lost one in the past and were not taking any chances.

If you're ever in the area,make sure you'll try the local bread. Local means,Miercurea Ciuc or Csikszereda in the middle of Romania and one of these days I'll present my homecity properly. Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday shopping wherever you are!
Right when we were leaving something funny happened.We're hosting the Group B of Hockey Championship  for U20 and the South Korean team came to the market and they took pictures with Jenifer.They treated her like a little celebrity ( I saw this happening a lot in Asia with Caucazians,especially kids but not here) and she was shocked!!! I hope their time here was just as good as mine in Seoul! Weather was pretty much the same!

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