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2:28 PM

You already know by now that it's hard for me to get some ingredients and I manage with most of them,since I joined the zaar I make my own coconut milk,my own spice mixes,I've even made ketchup (it's available,of course,but I got so into making my own stuff).The only thing (so far) that I couldn't find a substitute is sesame oil,but I've still have some from my cousin who sent me a bottle from England.And dear Joy,sent me some cumin from Wales.And my DH brings me dried limes and other things too. Now cumin,maple syrup,turmeric and other things are available as well.
My sister,who visited last week,brought me from St. Thomas some Carribian spice mix and a fat free ginger sauce.

I can so see myself trying this on a whole roasted chicken!

And this looks like a perfect match for iceberg lettuce.
Now I don't mind anymore that not everything is available,makes hunting for stuff more fun and I always get excited when I see a new product in the store. Thai red curry sauce is the last item I saw,but not the real deal,just the one you just really add some chicken in it.But still,it's better than nothing! Oh,I forgot to say that I got nori,sushi seaweed sheets for sushi!!!

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