Merry Christmas!!!

4:00 PM

Do you want to know how my day went??? I was a disaster in the kitchen,my jam cookies turned into Persian raisin cookies,my lemon drops I had to stick two of them together with lemon curd,my coconut balls,Rafaello,will turn into white fudge. Even though I screwed up pretty much everything,except Chocolate Peanuttis, it hit me that I didn't throw out anything and I managed to turn it into something else.That has to count for something.And do you know what my daughter told me at the end of the day? "Mommy your the best cookie maker in the whole world!" So it was so worth it to screw up  if I got the credit from them.Yeah,the little one kept munching,she could only manage "tootie",as she doesn't talk yet.
The cookies in the photo are from two years ago,decorated by Jenifer,who was very careful that the cookies got all the body parts and we use it to decorate the tree.I think by now is missing the legs,since Stephanie tried to chew on it. But it's still hanging on the tree.

I want to wish all of you who read my blog,commented,requested it by email and all the other technical stuff, Happy Holidays and may they be exactly the way you want them! I'm really hoping that the next year will bring me what I'm wishing for and I'll share it with you as soon as it comes true.Keeping my fingers crossed for myself and for all of you,who have special wishes.

I received this card tonight and I felt like I was in a magic world.Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Merry Christmas!

CLICK HERE to see the holiday card! Merry Xmas!

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