Recipe for a Happy New Year

12:32 PM

I received this via email from a lady I don't know,but was kind enough to share it with me. I was going to translate it myself,but I realised Google is doing a pretty good job,but I had to do some adjustments here and there!

"The recipe for a good year:
Take 12 months to clean it well off  of bitterness,pride, hatred, envy, fear, irritability and stress.
Each month is divided into 28 to 31 days , so the supplies will last exactly one year!
Each day is prepared separately: a labor part, quiet part, and a  humor part. It adds 3 tablespoons of optimism,, a teaspoon of tolerance, a pinch of common sense and a drop of hope ...!  Then poured plenty of love over the dough obtained ...Set the finished recipe on a dish and  decorate it with a leaf of courage and confidenceServe daily with joy and  a cup of coffee every morning!
This recipe is not compensated, it is free and open to transmit from human to human, accompanied by the wish: A New Year , good and gracious, full of health,maximum happiness and absolute abundance.  "(author unknown)

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