Powdered Milk Paste for Roses and Cake Decorations

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I've been delaying to post this recipe. I had to translate it and it's quite difficult to explain.But it's not as hard to do it. It's really like playing with play dough and you'll get the most amazing roses. I've got this from a Romanian blog,no quantity for ingredients listed. Powdered milk is different from brand to brand so it would take a different quantity anyway. Practice with playdough until you get it how it's done. For me it's quite time consuming but seeing the look on the people I've made it for (only very close family) it makes it worthwhile. Make a cake with these amazing roses and you have the perfect present.Other ornaments can be made too,I use this to make the top for a Barbie cake,for flowers,leaves.Watch the technique on youtube for better results.Good luck!

powdered milk
food coloring

Make a syrup from water and sugar.When cold has the consistency of honey . Honey of corn syrup might work as well,but I haven't tried it myself
Start adding the powdered milk and stir using a spoon,later use your hands to work with it.If the paste is too soft and sticky add more powdered milk,if too hard add more syrup or a few drops of water.
Add food coloring if desired.
Wrap it in foil while you work with the paste.To make the roses wrap a little cone around the top of a toothpick.For the petal make small balls and flatten them with the back of a teaspoon.Let them dry a little bit before adding to the rose.
Wrap the petals around the cone and when ready let the rose dry for a few hours.

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