My sushi is a winner!!!

12:29 PM

Many of you might know .through FB or the zaar,about my recipe entering a contest on a Romanian site.
I'm happy to announce that my sushi finished third,which is pretty good considering that the theme was Christmas  and the Romanians are just opening up to Asian recipes.
The winner was decided by the sum of the votes and by the "judges" (50/50),so it was a fair contest.Finally.
The prize is that I get to choose some gadgets for an amount of money. This is what I've picked:

A cow silicon form,which is not very big but it'd make decorating the kids food more interesting.

12 dinosaurs,also a silicon form,can't wait to make some dino shapped chocolate or even a dino cake decorated with these little guys.

I was debating on what to get next,I have to admit that I'm a silicon junkie,(but not the kind that you think of)
but I finally made up my mind and I'm going for this magic cutter. It just slices french fries,curly ones too,apples and julienne veggies.

Thank you again for your votes and support and let me know whenever you need a vote from me!

PS I'm also very happy to announce that I finally found the cookie cutters I was looking for!

PS2: Here are the "silicons":

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