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This is the only soup my littles would eat when sick and I don't know how a sick little tummy can wish for a soup with tomatoes,but that's what they want and that's what they get!
Of course,it's Andi's recipe and you can find it here:http://www.food.com/recipe/tomato-soup-333005

Before moving to posting the recipe maybe you'd like to see my review!
"Maybe you thought that only you get animals involved in making this soup! I'll get there too, but first let me tell you how the soup making went. You have the best simple recipes, that at first (and I don't know the reason) look so complicated, but they are really so easy. You are really special and that's the reason I put bay leaf in the soup. Recently, I don't really like the taste of it.I used homemade coutons,with garlic and onion powder and I added some dried basil and oregano.Soup was great!And than I thought I should post a different kind of photo, with a Romanian background. A pigeon was trying to come and try it. Probably saw the steam coming out of it and smelled it too, of course! I was feeding the soup to little's little#2 and she enjoyed it so much (I added some olive oil to hers) when she knocked over her dish and we got tomato soup all over the door(only there luckily). Now as I'm trying to write the review she's right in the corner where the photo is posted and is trying to eat the soup. Is touching the picture and watching her hands, probably wondering why there's none on her fingers. This soup will be only tomato soup that I'll make from now on. Tasty,easy and unforgatable."

2 T olive oil
1 small onion
  • 1 garlic clove,minced

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 1 (28 ounce) can canned tomatoes

  • 1 slice bread,crust removed or not

  • 1 cup broth

  • salt,pepper to taste

  • italian seasoning or oregano

  • Heat the oil and add onion,bay leaf and garlic.

  • Soften veggies for three minutes.Add canned tomatoes and broth.Stir in bread.

  • Mash with a stick blender or a potato masher.Add seasonings.

  • Cook until just heated,don't boil.Remove bay leaf and serve.Drizzle with oil.

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