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2:58 PM

You might have seen my announcement about Kitchen Aid finally arriving to Romania and at a very high price may I say. It's almost double than what is in North America. But I have the chance of winning one,through the contest "Romanian Recipe of the year".Why am I asking for your help,other than me really WANTING a Kitchen Aid is that I've entered only Zaar recipes,one is Katew's,one is French Tart's and two more. I don't know what my chances are,but you might see a lot of me the next 10 days.
You can vote only through your Facebook account and you can vote each of the recipe once a day for 10 days. Each category can win either a food processor,toaster or blender and the one contestant that has overall most votes will take the Kitchen Aid.
Voting is done by clicking on the four icons on the right.Thank you and may the Zaar recipes be the recipe of the year!

You can find the links here as well: - brownies - FT's cream cheese - sushi -katew's soup

Once you click on the link,below the photo it will appear a box that says VOTEAZA,which means vote,that's what you have to click.Thanks.

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