Our dear Auntie Andi or Ati Adi

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Most of you know Andi,via the Zaar,which means you all know what a special and kind person she is.
In fact,we like her so much,my littles included,that we call her Auntie Andi or Ati Adi in Stephanie's words.
It's been a little over a year that we've known her and we talk about her the same as we talk about other members of the family,yes,she has really become our Auntie Andi. When little's littles (as she calls my daughters) are sick they won't eat chicken noodle soup like other sick kids,they'll only have Auntie Andi's tomato soup. I can't explain how a sick little tummy  wants tomato soup,but that's what makes them feel better. This is how Andi works her magic.
We always enjoy watching her farm pictures,Jenifer would love to be there and help and she's hoping she'll find a horse around too. She loves animals so much,I'm pretty sure she's going to live on a farm when she grows up.
This year,I've decided not to send Christmas cards to relatives,this way next time they get one (If)they'll really thank me. I entered two card swaps,one at the zaar and one at kittencals and it was so much better this way. My kids understood  what the holidays mean and enjoyed each one of the cards. The one from Auntie Andi was on the top of their list.We loved all the cards we received,but Andi put some extra thought when she chose her card. This is the card from her:

Again she worked her Auntie Andi magic.Why magic you might ask? Well,you already  know that Jenifer loves animals,but no one ,even Andi,doesn't know that Stephanie goes to sleep with something fuzzy or hairy. She sucks her thumb while she's holding something fuzzy. So this card met both preferences of my littles.
There was something else in the envelope,something we'll always take out at Christmas and remember Andi.We have received over the years little Christmassy things that we put away and each winter holiday we remember the people we have them from.
This is the little suprise:
 I don't know about anybody else,but Santa will sure be able to get into our house. These past few days I couldn't get through any door until Jenifer didn't open the doors for me.With the key ,of course.She even slept with it a couple of times,she put the red band around her wrist. I had to put it away today,to be on the safe side ,I really want to see it every Christmas.
Andi and her family has had a very rough beginning of the year and I really mean rough. My heart really goes out to the whole family,but especially to Dennis. I don't even know what to say ,but please know that you've been in my thoughts and I really wish I could do something.If I was near, I'd have taken my littles to put a smile or two on your faces. I'm sure you don't need advices from me on how to move on or what to do,I just wanted you to know that I've been thinking a lot about you. Just remember,after rain the sun will shine and you might get throw in a rainbow too.

Just as I write this, Andi commented on a recipe on my Romanian blog,now how funny is it,actually I prefer to call it magical,again.It's the first time Andi is posting a comment on my blog...wow,amazing.

I was supposed to write a few lines,because that's my style,short and to the subject,but the subject was so good I couldn't drop it.

In the end I just want to say :"We love you (Auntie) Andi!"
Inclosing two little smiles to brighten your day!

Make sure you'll visit her blog and have a look at her gorgeous pictures and healthy recipes and stories about life on the Longmeadow farm. She's a great writer!

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