My First Halloween

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I came across this holiday 12 years ago,in Vancouver. Rochelle,my English teacher introduced Halloween to our class. It was a very mixed class: Jon from Mexic who loved wolves,Svetlana from Russia,whose husband went quite often fishing,Hassan from Algeria,who might get in trouble if he still wears a beard like that. The star of our class was Simon. He was something else,never met anyone like him and I doubt it that I'll ever do. He was wearing his scarf like a turban,had a very interesting face that I couldn't place it anywhere on the map. He told us he's from Eritrea. I thought that must be a very exotic kingdom,since I had no idea where was that. Someone whispered it's in Africa,than he explained us that his country used to be part of Ethiopia.

None of us knew anything about Halloween,even though the Mexican dude and I we celebrate the day of the dead on November 1st. But his holiday was way creepier than mine,where we just get to go to cemetery to light a candle for our dead. It looks quite magical in the evening.
Photos taken from wikipedia of the Dias de los Muertes in Mexico

And the Romanian Day of the day from Robertto79 at

Ever since I celebrate Halloween. For us it's  a special day,since it's my husband's birthday. For the benefit of my kids,not forgetting the hubby -of course, this year's birthday party will be in the theme with the holiday. A pumpkin shaped cake,a pumpkin pie and carrots like fingers. I'll figure out other stuff too. I'll dress up as a gipsy woman and I'll take the chance of Jenifer not wanting to talk to me for the rest of the day.

I only went treat of tricking once,with our friends' daughter,Natasha. She was five and I was twenty-five. People watched me kind of funny when they saw me standing in front of their door waiting for my treats. I really wanted to feel what's it like and I'm so glad I did it. To this day,those people might still mention that big witch that showed up on their doorsteps.

That Halloween was special. We walked around the neighborhood and enjoyed the way people decorated their houses.We saw it all:gravestone,pumpkins.ghosts and so on.

I looked through the zaar and saw that I posted some recipes. I hope I'll get them down these days.
Happy Hallospookyween!

PS Did I tell you that I also got to carve a pumpkin? This is it will be the first time for my daughters to carve one.

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